Everyday our neighbors go hungry across the Cayman Islands, one of the Caribbean's wealthiest regions.


We are changing that. Please help us. Advocate. Volunteer. Donate.   


It's here, right where we live. It affects every single neighborhood or district in our island. It impacts people of every age, race, religion, and ethnicity.

And it hurts. Hunger robs children of a chance to learn, undermines health, and makes getting and holding good jobs hard.

So, we're taking hunger off the map.

Join the movement by supporting the Cayman Islands' first faith based centralized food bank, the Cayman Food Bank, a core hunger-relief organization in the fight against hunger, malnutrition, and poverty!

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We launched the first centralized Food Bank organization, the Cayman Food Bank  based in Grand Cayman to help mitigate island-wide hunger, malnutrition and poverty by providing access to good, healthy food ​through gathering and distributing food donations to our network partners also known as non-profit social service organizations including various food counters serving the critical need of low-income families living in all districts with little to no cost to the recipients.  We envision alleviating hunger and its root cause in our community.

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The Cayman Bank will fight against local hunger by: Centralizing the recovery of foodstuffs on the island, by developing a partnership with the various organizations that distribute food to the disadvantaged, by reducing losses through food recycling, by developing a collective food kitchen, by training beneficiaries in the different sectors related to food, by developing a partnership with different mentors and partners and by creating a central data system to ensure all those who are in need are helped.

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Become involved. You can support the Food Bank in a variety of ways. All contributions; whether monetary, food items or time spent volunteering will help get food on plates of the people who need it. Right now your neighbors are struggling with hunger. Help turn hunger into hope for families in need. Please ask us how you can help provide healthy meals to children, families, and seniors in our community.

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